Perez Hilton reviews Feltbeats videos

Note: Over the next few days I’m going to be posting some stuff that may be a little old, but I’d like to sort of get caught up, so just bear with me. =)

Perez Hilton, infamous and annoying blogger for, posted a note about Tom’s videos!

British actor Tom Felton – the bleached blonde bully in the Harry Potter flicks- is also a budding musician.


Felton has an album in the works and he’s even opened himself up to criticism by already posting some home-made vids of him singing on YouTube.

Click here to watch his “medley.”

You like?

LOL. I think the funny thing is that the comments are pretty overwhelmingly positive! Some people even defended Tom from Hilton’s “Groan” comment – though I’m not sure that was really Hilton expressing his opinion of Tom’s music, but rather the idea of “another” crossover artist.

Anyway, check it out and post something positive for Tom!

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