Tom at Youth Centre – can he play drums, too?

This is a bit of an old story, but we love it so it’s going up. =)

It’s a story about a Youth Centre in Bookham which might close due to lack of funds, but local residents, including Tom Felton, have made donations to keep it alive. From the story:

[Tom Felton], now 20, who says he spent much of his life between the ages of six and 15 at the centre, is among those who have made donations.

And also:

Tom Felton has a lot of time for the Bookham Youth Centre. As he played pool at Saturday’s open day the former Howard of Effingham student told The Bugle, ‘I came here between the ages of six and 15’. The 20 year old star had attended the centre’s summer scheme and its Thursday and Friday club nights. Tom didn’t say so but we understand he has handed over to the centre some of the hard-earned cash he made in his role as Harry Potter villain Draco Malfoy.

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