Let’s play “What’s on Tom’s shelf?”

Let\'s try to figure out Tom\'s stuff.
Click on picture for full shot with notes.

Here is a \"clean\" screenshot from \"Silhouettes in Sunsets.\"
Click on picture for full shot without our notes.

Is it a little bit stalkerish? Perhaps. Are we bored due to the lack of new Feltbeats music? Sadly, yes.

So, here is a new game. Let’s play, “What’s on Tom’s shelf?”

Our guesses:

1. A tiger figurine of some sort, perhaps just the head.
2. A lizardman statue with a spear.
3. Binoculars.
4. A framed tiger picture. (I guess he likes tigers.)
5. The price tag on his guitar. LOL.
6. His “Applecrumble and Fish” Tshirt.

Post a comment and let us know what you think the items are, or if you spot something else!

9 thoughts on “Let’s play “What’s on Tom’s shelf?”

  1. my friend just sent me this link to see that shirt!
    That is AWESOME!

    and after some browsing i must say i like the music a lot!

  2. in the right and down there is sth like (i don’t know how to say it)the little alluminum bottles of beer or coca cola or fanta or whatever

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