Feltbeats “Time Well Spent” album now available in its entirety

Thanks to a tip from Feltbeats.com Forum member bserlori, we can now happily inform you that the entire Feltbeats “Time Well Spent” album is available for one purchase as an album! It costs $4.95 (which is approximately exactly the same price as buying each song separately!).

OMG, I hope this doesn’t mean the album is done?

3 thoughts on “Feltbeats “Time Well Spent” album now available in its entirety

  1. Here’s some lyrics I think you got wrong

    One of These Days – Verse 1

    “Blue skies painted in my eyes”

    Got “get in my eyes”

    The end of Time Isn’t Healing:

    “Time isn’t healing me no more
    Time isn’t healing me anymore
    Time it don’t heal me no more”

    I think you got the last few lines right, but yeah. You asked if there was anything wrong and I thought I’d speak up.

    LOOOVVVE the site. I check it a few times a day! ^.^

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