Screenshots of Draco from new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game

We’re not really supposed to talk about Harry Potter stuff (since this is supposed to be a music-related site), but since I haven’t been scolded yet by our main admin for talking about video games, so I’m going to do it again! (I’m sure there is music in the game, right? So, it is kind of related? Right?)

Anyway, today we saw a new trailer for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game, and in it there is footage of what can only be a Harry vs. Draco duel!

We’re sure it is Draco because of the signature white hair, and the signature move of, um, falling on his bum.

There is also confirmation (though I don’t think there was a doubt) that Tom Felton did the voice work on this video as well.

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