Feltbeats given a B+ on “Driving On The Sidewalk” blog

The Feltbeats album was recently reviewed, and given a B+, by the blog, “Driving On The Sidewalk.”

Here is what it said:

Artist: Feltbeats (aka Tom Felton)
Album: Time Well Spent (EP)

The Good News: Feltbeats is the name of the music project headed by actor, Tom Felton. You may know him as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, or you may just know him as “the blond one” from the films. Either way, Tom proves through his soothing vocals and steady guitar work that he has what it takes to make a smooth transition from the screen to the music scene.

The Bad News: Despite his remarkable musical talent, Tom may have to work extra hard to prove his worth in the music business, just because of who he is. So, you may want to avoid getting too attached to Feltbeats.

Tracks to Download:
“Under the Stars” and “Time Well Spent”


We agree with the “pros” listed above – Tom has remarkable talent, soothing vocals and excellent guitar work. Although we don’t see how having a huge adoring fan base will hurt him? Hmm…

3 thoughts on “Feltbeats given a B+ on “Driving On The Sidewalk” blog

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  2. Hey thanks for referring to my post. I just now noticed this…(I’m right on the ball with things aren’t I?). What I meant was, I understand Tom has quite a following, but we all know how the media reacts to actors turned musicians…with cynicism usually. Will it be harder for Tom to break through that barrier? I think it might. Can he do it? Abso-freakin’-lutely. He’s the man.

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