New post category: Feltblogs! Anytime someone mentions Feltbeats, we’ll post it here!

We’re starting a new category of post called Feltblogs! We find a lot of people mentioning Tom’s Music on their blogs, and we want to mention it here! If you see a post we’ve missed, please e-mail us and we’ll post it here.

We’ve got a backlog of posts to get to, so we’ll do a little at a time to catch up:

Excerpt from “Here’s to the night”:

Bless you Tom Felton and your amazingness. haha. “Time Isn’t Healing” by Tom Felton. He is awesome, haha. I love his voice.

Excerpt from “Alaska Knits”:

So apparently Tom Felton can sing, and write amazing music. I am in love with this song and am currently downloading the EP from itunes. I never really had a thing for Draco in the books and thus never really liked Tom Felton that much; but now I adore him. Not for being in the movie adaptations of some of my favorite books but because his voice and words are so entrancing and amazing. His voice is so unique as are his lyrics, I can’t think of anything else that I can relate it to. It is just so mellow, sweet and amazing. By far one of my favorite results of potter mania.

Excerpt from “Love is like playing the piano”:

And lastly, in a bit of celebrity news, the lovely Tom Felton has music singles out!! Yes, the man can sing!! I was delighted. I haven’t squee’d that much in a long time. ^_^ I’m apparently one of the last fans on the planet to find this out, though, since Feltbeats (♥) has been out since January or February. But he has 3 videos currently out on YouTube (and now various video sites, thanks to other obsessed fans like myself). He’s been writing his own music for a while now (Silhouettes in Sunsets was, I believe, written last summer). His style (acoustic guitar) is similar to that of Jack Johnson, Andy McKee, and Tommy Emmanuel, whom he says are inspirations. He has 6 (I think?) songs available on iTunes now. Go buy them and support him!! ^_^

Excerpt from “”:

It’s a cover of Time Isn’t Healing by feltbeats (aka Tom Felton), and I thought it was pretty nice.

Excerpt from “Blue Skies”:

[H]as anyone seen Tom Felton in the new Harry Potter movie preview yet? The bangs are gone, bugger, but he’s still cute. And this is a big movie for Malfoy. Awesome. Looking forward to it.

Note: Okay, the last one is not really about Feltbeats. Sue me.

Another Note: Actually, no, please don’t sue me. =(

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