Rumors of a new film for Tom Felton?

UPDATES: According to the production company’s Web site, Tom Felton is “in discussions” for this film. See listing of other actors here:

More information about the movie via the author’s Web site.

Also, for those who are interested, here is an excerpt from the novel on the author’s Web site.

“Emma of Lulworth Cove” book cover
Source: Newcomen Productions

There are several new rumors of Tom being cast in a new romance film called “Emma of Lulworth Cove”. The Dorset Echo is reporting that the producer (and book author), Ray Stokes, names Tom as one of his cast.

According to The Daily Dorset:

THE £7.2 MILLION-budget movie Emma Of Lulworth Cove could begin filming on the south coast this November.

Producer Ray Stokes said he had secured commitment from an impressive cast and was in talks with the Lulworth Estate about location fees.

He claimed that stars of the film could include Roger Daltrey of the rock band The Who, Harry Potter’s Tom Felton, who played baddy Draco Malfoy, and Oscar-winning character actor Martin Landau of The X-Files.

Here is a summary of the book, upon which the movie would be based, from the author’s site:

Emma of Lulworth Cove: A story of a beautiful apparition from an 18th century ship wreck who wanders present day Lulworth Cove, where she meets a young man, Robbie, and falls passionately in love with him. In later years Robbie moves away from Lulworth and finds new love. He marries a young lady called Zara. However, such a union meets with the wrath of Emma, who is out to destroy their marriage and have Robbie for herself.

Although Sarah Michelle Gellar was originally discussed as the starring role of ghost Emma, now the discussion points to Sara Paxton, from the movies “Sydney White” and “Aquamarine.”

Also listed as committed to the film is Jayne Wisener, who played Johanna in the movie “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” One may assume she plays the role of Robbie’s wife, Zara.

Sara Paxton, Jayne Wisener
Source: My Prom Style,

No word yet on which part Tom would play. However, based on the actors announced so far, who do you think would be great as the romantic lead opposite Sara Paxton and Jayne Wisener?

Roger Daltrey of The Who, Martin Landau of The X-Files, Tom Felton
Sources: Various

We are marking this up as a rumor at this point until we hear further confirmation.

If you know any more details on the rumors, e-mail us!

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