Producer/author of “Emma of Lulworth Cove” gives more details on Tom Felton’s possible upcoming romantic lead role

Ray Stokes, author and producer of the film “Emma of Lulworth Cove,” currently in pre-production, discussed Tom Felton’s interest in the movie with

“Emma of Lulworth Cove” book cover
Source: Newcomen Productions

Stokes told earlier today that Tom is personally very interested in being involved in this film. “I can say is Tom’s agent is very keen on the project,” says Mr. Stokes. “I have also received an email from Tom himself and he loves the script and very much wants to do the movie.”

When asked how soon Tom might commit to the project, Stokes says that he should be hearing from Tom’s agent any day now. will make an announcement as soon as we hear more details from Stokes or his production company, Newcomen Productions.

Stokes also confirmed that Tom would be playing the role of romantic lead, Robbie. “I think Tom is perfect for this movie,” says Stokes. “Tom’s age is right for the part. He is relatively unknown as a romantic lead and this is his chance to make the transition. He has strikingly unusual good looks and could benefit from being a goodie rather a baddy.”

Stokes also elaborated on why he felt Tom Felton would be perfect for the role of Robbie. “Tom is British and we wanted a British male lead as, Emma, the female lead (Sara Paxton), is an American. He is sensitive and intelligent enough to do a sensitive and demanding role. We are both excited and very pleased to have Tom.” would like to thank Ray Stokes for his interview and we hope to hear some good news soon!

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  2. Hi i’m an MA student of Bournemouth Media School, trying to get in touch with Ray Stokes but the Newcomen Productions site appears to not be working. Have you a contact email you could send to me please?
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