Feltbeats.com answers questions about Tom Felton’s leading role in “Emma of Lulworth Cove”

In case you missed it, Tom has accepted the role! See previous post.

Feltbeats.com has been getting e-mails from Felton Fans around the world asking for more information about “Emma of Lulworth Cove.” So, this morning we grilled author/producer Ray Stokes for yet more information.


Stokes gave Feltbeats.com more information on what will be needed to “green light” the film – essentially, more financing. Although a large portion of the funding has already been secured, Stokes is waiting for more. After all, this is a £7.2 MILLION-budget movie!

“We are still waiting to find a proportion of the funding,” Stokes said. “I am sure we will get it, but we can’t start filming until we do.”

When asked if funding might cause a filming delay, Stokes said it was possible. “We’re hoping to film in November, but if there is a delay will fit it around Tom’s commitments,” he said.


Stokes says Tom Felton will actually be playing the role of “older Robbie,” rather than “younger Robbie,” contrary to what some have previously speculated. Stokes says that Tom’s is the leading part and will have considerable screen time.

“It is a very demanding part as Robbie appears in virtually every single scene in the film,” Stokes said. “[For example,] we’ll need Tom for 6 weeks filming whereas we’ll need Emma (Sara Paxton) for only three weeks filming.”


The movie will be based on the book, written by Stokes, called “Emma of Lulworth Cove.” It is available on Amazon.com.


Feltbeats.com has gotten several e-mails from Felton Fans about what hair color and style Tom might have in the role of Robbie.

According to Stokes, in his book the character Robbie has dark hair. That doesn’t mean, however, that Tom would have to have dark hair in his role as Robbie, says Stokes.

“We don’t really know about Robbie’s hair,” Stokes says. “It will depend on what the director wants.”

But, Stokes says, there is the possibility that Tom’s platinum locks could remain. “There is no [reason] why it shouldn’t remain blond,” he says. “Blond hair is quite striking.”


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We’d like to thank again Mr. Ray Stokes for his response, and for keeping us up to date on such important issues. 😉 We’re going to stay in touch with Mr. Stokes, so if you have any questions for him, send them our way! E-mail us at webmaster@feltbeats.com or leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Feltbeats.com answers questions about Tom Felton’s leading role in “Emma of Lulworth Cove”

  1. NOOOOO…guys how could you? Even though he does look good with the blond hairdo, don’t you know how much the bleaching hurts him? Tom is not Draco so leave Draco in his own world. And I believe Tom will be more than happy to have his natural hair color back. So guys please support me on this..

  2. Okay.. so I don’t like how his hair is in the disappeared.. Idno it’s too short.. but a bit longer AND with his natural hair colour.. he probably looks great!! I mean.. aren’t you all a bit sick of the blond hair?? It’s always been like that, I think it would be a relief for him that he doesn’t have to bleach it!

  3. I completely agree with Lisa and T.I.me !!
    Tom IS NOT Drago !! Why do people not understand that ?!! o_O”
    And I don’t really like Tom with short hair too !! =$
    So that’s why I answer “Medium-length, natural hair” !! LOL
    And sorry for the mistakes too !! ^^

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