Coming soon: Sneak peak at “Emma of Lulworth Cove” script! has been given a copy of the script to “Emma of Lulworth Cove!” Tom Felton has been “attached” to this film in the role of Robbie, the romantic lead!

We’ve been given permission to write a review of the script, and we’d like to know what questions you have regarding the script, the plot, Tom’s role – anything! We may not be able to answer everything, but we’ll try! 😉

Post your questions below, or e-mail us!

8 thoughts on “Coming soon: Sneak peak at “Emma of Lulworth Cove” script!

  1. Did the producer decide on what Tom’s hair is going to be?
    I hope it’s they chose blond, no offense to Tom’s original hair color, but i just loooove! him as a blond.

  2. Well, I guess, what percentage of lines are Tom’s? Is it really, a big big part? Are we going to see a lot of screen time from him? How romantic is his part, is there a big….ride off into the sunset, kissing and holding hands scene? Haha…okay…sorry lots of questions 😀

  3. OoOoo Now i feel like reading Dis book….
    And i dont like Sara Paxton btw…the actress who dey choose to be tom’s love interest. I dont think she is a good actress , Tom IS JUST SOOO BRILLIANT …she will luk soo stupid infront of HIM …coz he is JUST SOOOO TALENTED…he has a very bright future ahead of HIM ..GOOOo TOM ..AND I like him wid long hair , short hair It doesn’t matter….I just luv HIs acting…but i wants his hair to be blond tehehhehee .:p LUV U TOM!!!

  4. This is a little off the subject but when will “The Disappeared” be out? Im in the United States and I want to see it! Good luck Tom! And let us know if you ever get a chance to chat with us on here…that’d be awesome. Or better yet..Im moving to Central London next need to go out and perform your music! People would love to hear you live. Let me know if you ever do! 🙂

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