Feltblogs: What people are saying about Feltbeats!

Jenny from the blog, “Driving On The Sidewalk,” who reviewed the first Feltbeats album “Time Well Spent” a few months ago, recently blogged about our post which mentioned her post. Now, let’s see if she mentions this post, which references her post which points to our post which deals with her post.

Excerpt from My Love Laboratory:


Actually, if you watch Time Isn’t Healing, his guitar skills aren’t that bad.

Plus his nice Draco-ish hair and wicked grin at the end, -whimpers-.

Excerpt from My Mind and Soul:

And here’s my playlist:


30. Silhouettes in Sunsets by Feltbeats (a pretty talented young man)

I recommend Silhouettes in Sunsets, you will find yourself humming along as paint splashes on your old, worn out jeans. It’ s Available on ITunes

This is the official Website : www.feltbeats.co.uk
or www.feltbeats.com
or look him up on Youtube “feltbeats”

This isn’t really a blog, rather a forum, but they say good things about Feltbeats!

Excerpt from HarryPotterFanfiction Forums:

OMG HE IS AMAZING! I am totally buying them on iTunes! Who would have known that Draco Dearest can sing that well?

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