“The Disappeared” UK premiere meets with great success

Emily Booth with Zone Horror reports on FrightFest Day 5. Includes a quick interview with Johnny Kevorkian at about the 3:32 minute mark.

Feltbeats.com has learned that “The Disappeared,” a subtle chiller movie in which Tom Felton plays a key role, has had a very successful premiere at UK’s Film4 FrightFest yesterday.

Director Johnny Kevorikian spoke via e-mail with Feltbeats.com this morning. He said approx. 800 people attended and “all loved the film.”

He also said that Tom’s performance, as the main character’s best friend Simon, was given high praise by those in attendance. Kevorkian said, “They really praised Tom’s performance as being superb and really authentic!”

Kevorkian was very pleased with the results. “The premiere has really put the film on the map in the UK and won many, many fans,” he said.

Unfortunately, Tom Felton was unable to attend the premiere due to other commitments.

Feltbeats.com will have more information on the premiere, and the next steps for the film, in the coming days.

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