“Emma” for Tom Fans: Feltbeats.com reviews screenplay of “Emma of Lulworth Cove”

Dramatization of Tom at Lulworth Cove.


The story begins when Robbie is young (played by a child actor), growing up in Lulworth Cove. He and his best friend, Tom (we know, another Tom, confusing!), like to go rock pooling, crab hunting and fishing in the cove. One night, Robbie defies his parents and goes fishing with Tom at night, leading to a dangerous situation where they are caught in the tide. Suddenly, a young, mysterious girl shows up in a dinghy and rescues them. The girl, saying nothing, blows them a kiss and simply walks away, disappearing into the foggy night.

Eventually, the two boys are separated when Robbie’s family moves away and they don’t see one another again for several years.

The next time we see Robbie, he’s all grown up (and now played by Tom Felton, of course) and living in Weyworth with his family. He’s described as tall, slim and handsome with brown hair. Though Robbie hasn’t been to Lulworth in many years, he and his childhood friend, Tom, write each other every week. Today, however, Robbie is worried because Tom hasn’t written this week, so he tells his mum he’d like to go to Lulworth for the weekend and check up on him.

Unfortunately, when he shows up in Lulworth, he learns that his friend Tom and Tom’s father have both died in a fishing accident. He breaks down crying, and of course, he decides to stay for the funeral.

It is during this time, when he is staying in Lulworth for Tom’s funeral, that he first meets Emma. She is described as beautiful and mysterious with long black hair. She wears a flimsy, white nightgown that appears almost translucent in the moonlight. Robbie is immediately bewitched by her and returns to the cove several times to wait for her on a log by the shore. Over several days, they talk, play in the water, and grow closer.

The night before Robbie must return to his home in Weyworth, Emma asks him to promise to never to return to Lulworth. He reluctantly agrees, but before he leaves, she wants one last kiss. They end up making love in the moonlight.

Robbie considers going back on his word and returning for Emma – after all, she is beautiful and he feels that he is really falling for her. But a friend tells him the story of Emma of Lulworth Cove, and how she haunts the shores looking for lost love. It is the slight push Robbie needs to break from Lulworth, and return home to his family.

Robbie continues on with his old life, working in his father’s gift shop and contemplating his future. Very soon he meets another girl named Zara, a stunning red-head who always dresses in mauve.

Robbie falls for her immediately. After only a few meetings, Robbie plans to follow her to the university in Plymouth to study Coastguard Management at her side.

Unfortunately, there is a mistake with Robbie’s enrollment and he’s essentially stuck in Plymouth with no school. As a conciliatory gesture, Zara invites him back to her flat, where they eventually fall into each other’s arms and sleep together.

Over the next few months, his relationship with Zara blossoms, but Robbie finds himself drawn back to Lulworth and to Emma. When he returns to the cove to find her, she is nearly mad with glee. However, he struggles with his conscious and his love for Zara eventually wins. He flees Lulworth, enraging Emma.

Thus begins a dangerous game as Emma injects herself into Robbie’s new life, putting everyone he knows and loves into danger.



The script follows the book closely, with the exception of a new opening scene which has been added in the beginning.

We open with a dramatic scene showing a full-rigged sailing ship struggling in a howling storm. The masts collapse and the ship begins to sink. Emma, one of the passengers on board, is helped into a lifeboat with her maid. The lifeboat, however, suddenly breaks its moorings and the two women are thrown into the boiling sea.


This script has everything a Tom fan could want! There is emotion, action, romance, and more! We’ll detail a few of our favorite parts, below.

EMOTION: Many scenes will really allow Tom to showcase his acting abilities. There is, of course, the very emotional scene where Robbie finds out that the best friend of his youth has been killed and he breaks down, sobbing. He falls to his knees and questions what kind of God would do such a thing.

At the other side of the spectrum, we see light-hearted, happy scenes – such as when Zara reveals to Robbie that she is pregnant and the couple dances joyfully around the room.

ACTION: There are several action scenes in the script, including a dramatic scene where Robbie, who is an assistant coxswain on a coastguard ship, helps as his boat attempts to rescue a fishing vessel during dangerous seas. Much like the first time Robbie met Emma as a child, he is trapped again in the rolling waters of the cove, and the only choice is the nearly-suicidal swim to shore.


“The [vessel] bobs along inexorably towards the rocks. The launch picks up speed as it is sucked onto the rocks. There is an almighty roar of timber splitting and crushing. ROBBIE and the COXSWAIN are thrown off their feet.”

ROMANCE: As you can probably see from the plot, there are numerous romantic scenes (with TWO different girls!), and Tom Felton fans will see, with this movie, Tom’s first on-screen kiss. In addition, however, there are tender scenes, flirty scenes, and even parts that can only be described as passionate.


“ROBBIE and ZARA look at one another lovingly and embrace on the rug. The embrace quickly becomes a frenzied romp across the floor. Clothes are discarded everywhere as they explore each other passionately.”

It will be very interesting to see!

SUSPENSE: Emma herself is a very creepy character and her emotions swing wildly from playful to maniacal – often in a single scene! Toward the end of the movie, as she becomes more vindictive and vengeful, her various plots to destroy Robbie’s life lead to some nail-biting situations that will have viewers squirming with anticipation.


“Red paint is splattered across all the walls. The paint still drips. There is a crude inscription “ROBBIE COME BACK TO ME” signed “EMMA”.”

INTRIGUE: Many questions plague the viewer until the end of the movie. What powers does Emma have, and how far will she go to win Robbie back? What is she really, and can she ever be stopped? Will Robbie and Zara ever be free?

Of course, we can’t give you all answers here. You’ll just have to wait for the movie, won’t you?


The movie is still in pre-production stage, awaiting some portion of the funding. So, fans can help by generating a buzz for the film (like you all did with “The Disappeared” – thank you!) which will help spark investor interest.

If you are interested in seeing this movie through to production, leave your comments below! Link to this post and share it with your friends! Let’s help push this movie to the next stage!

Most importantly, you can drive traffic to the “Emma of Lulworth Cove” page on IMDb.com. There isn’t much to see there now, but those in the movie industry watch traffic to the IMDb.com pages and rate movie desirability based on this traffic! So click on the page, and click often!

If all goes according to plan, filming could begin as early as November!


A few weeks ago we ran a poll asking Felton Fans to vote on what color Tom’s hair should be, were he to play the role of Robbie. Here are the results (and if you haven’t voted yet – vote now!):

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Thanks Felton Fans – and thanks Ray Stokes for the script preview!

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