Feltbeats.com gets ready for SoccerAid 2008

Feltbeats.com is gearing up for SoccerAid 2008! We’ve already got a few Felton Fans lined up and ready to provide as much coverage as we can manage. Today, we just added a new fan to our SoccerAid coverage army! But we’re looking for even more!

Firstly, we’ve covered this event extensively before, but just to review:

  • Tom Felton will be playing in the SoccerAid 2008 event for charity.
  • The event will be televised on ITV1, Sunday 7th Sept. – coverage starts from 6pm – 10pm (4 hours).
  • If you are outside of the UK or don’t get ITV1, we’re told that video will be made online soon after the event. Feltbeats.com will bring it to you as soon as it is available!
  • If you’re watching the event on TV, or if you just want to chat, log in to our chat room during the scheduled time. Those watching the show will live blog, we hope!

We’re still looking for fans who are going to the event who can send us photos or personal accounts of the event.

In addition, we’re planning to host a chat during the game to discuss recent happenings. If you’re going to be watching the event on TV, please log in and give us a running commentary!

If you can participate in any way, please e-mail us as soon as possible! We’d like to start getting organized. Thanks again!

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21 thoughts on “Feltbeats.com gets ready for SoccerAid 2008

  1. I love that he is play football, that is Just sow, nice
    I play football, to I have play football sin I was 8 to I was 19 year old,
    And now I just play for fun, I am wery good at play football
    And I have got Shay Given autograp, I sow Shay Given One day in Newcastle
    At the Bank, when hi was take money, out, that was,Just sow Exselt. to see that, But Money is not every thing in life
    He a Nice man,
    In the winter I like to go on my Snowbord, It sow fun,
    In Norway we got – 20 c out side
    And 20 to 25 cm of snow,
    I love to fish, by the sea, and sit there, 🙂

  2. well, to be frank, i have never ever played football before, however it’s always nice to watch offcourse.
    abd offcourse it’s wonderfull to play it for charity, i must add.
    and for those who ask themselves: why is this guy one of like 3 persons in the world that doesn’t play football ever, well i’m REALLY not good at it. anyways, it’s always nice to support charity, and that’s my real message, i suppose.
    well i’d better get going.

  3. i lurve tom…i wanted to meet him….tom, if u read this u will know well me ok???
    my name is nadhirah
    my age is 12 years old
    i fan of tom felton(you) and kyle patrick….
    girl that i like(not lesbian) jade gordon….(i would like she be my friend)….please reply to my mail hello_nadhirah@yahoo.com.my it is yahoo mail ok…please

  4. Hy. I’m Monika and I’m from Polend… I like you Tom so much. Tom is famous in Polend . I’m your the best fan ( in POlend )… okej this is over . Greet

  5. Hi Tom…I am Karolina… I’m from Czech Republic … Tom does not know much Czech Republic … But in Kladno (it is not far from Prague) is well known, because I … I love him and admire him and .. I’m sorry that nevišlo in New Moon Twilight saga … I’m so sorry … Have a good …

    With Love Karolina

  6. Tom,leave Jade.You are a great man,handsome,Kind, virile and young that needs a young beauty woman clever with proyects in mind. A woman with brown eyes,pale skin brilliant like porcelain and a dazzling smile,she is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. Open your eyes and realize of what is near to you, but you don´t dare to taking, Thomas Andrew Felton. She loves you and she is with George Craig for spite because who has really her heart is you at not him. You would be the happiest man of the world, I assure it you.She could offers you a lot of things that Jade can´t offers you:love,comprehension,confidence,and a atraction without measure all of your life.

  7. Tom,Did you Know that Emma had a crush on you at Harry Potter films? Love doesn´t go away easily… You don´t believe that?

  8. I didn´t Know nothing about Tom was playing football in Soccer Aid until I saw a photo in google images where he was playing football. At first, I think that it was a photoshop image, but then I saw a video in youtube playing football, I wondered and thought that he´s very good.

  9. hi tom,it’s Darlene Buck.how are you doing?I’m fine.hows life been treating you.anyway my last email to you was many year ago because I chose you to be my senior project because I fine you an intersesting person,your kind,sweet and thoughtfull some people like you and so do I because I know you are a good person inside and outside.your life must be full of joy because you have a family who cares about you and friends who also care.keep those who care about you close to you and you be free of all gilt and worry.keep this in mine.anyway have a happy halldays you and I wish you a marry christmas.

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