SoccerAid 2008 English Team Picture and News

GMTV has a new article featuring the English team and a team picture.

The article also mentions Tom:

Meanwhile, Harry Potter actor Tom Felton confessed that he is nowhere near match fit. “I thought I was going to be physically sick out there on the pitch,” he confesses. “Its so hard keeping up with them but Graham Le Saux in particular has been great giving out some advice.”

UPDATE: The larger version is now in the gallery *HERE*

2 thoughts on “SoccerAid 2008 English Team Picture and News

  1. So I don’t have that TV chanel, where you will see the SoccerAid, because I live in Hungary. So you webmasters will upload that video in this page?? Or will you upload it for the Youtube??

  2. Hi Andie!

    During the game, we’ll all be online in the chat room (see link in the nav bar at the top of the page), uploading whatever we can get whenever we get it!

    The event organizers have told us that they will notify us whenever the video goes online, but we have several people who are also recording the event for us and sending us pics.

    So, yes, check back at for the quickest coverage you can get!

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