Tom Felton is happy to do naked roles!

Another amusing article from Digital Spy =D

Harry Potter star Tom Felton has revealed that he would be happy to appear nude on stage or screen.

The actor, 20, who plays Draco Malfoy, said he would follow in Daniel Radcliffe’s footsteps and strip off if there is some “artistic merit” in the role.

“I would [get naked]” Felton told DS. “If getting my k**b out came with some artistic merit and the role required it, I’d do it.”

He added: “But, I’m certainly not actively looking for a part where I have to bare all!”

Felton plays for the England team at Sunday’s UNICEF Soccer Aid match, which airs at 6pm on ITV.

When asked about his footballing credentials, he joked: “Absolutely sod all! About a decade ago, I headlined for the B squad of my village team, but that unfortunately is it.

“‘Roped in’ is the terminology. My girlfriend was very keen because her brother and dad would kill for the opportunity to play at Wembley.

“It’s also for UNICEF. If it wasn’t for charity, I would run a mile.”

Also a video interview from the OotP London premiere. =D

19 thoughts on “Tom Felton is happy to do naked roles!

  1. hey tom i love u but dont do anything nude u dont want 2 one of those bad stars even though ur 20 hey please b my friend on youtube!!! (zaklover401)

  2. Wow… Tom in a naked role… *thinks of Equus* GO FOR IT!!! XDDD I’m kidding, I’m kidding! But if you want to, go for it Tom. ‘Tis your career and all, but I’m just sayin’ I’d think it’d be pretty flippin’ awesome. I wish I could have seen that Soccer Aid match though. I bet it was so cool.

  3. Well,well,well.
    I THINK that mister tom felton SHOULD go and prance naked around inna movie. That’d be awesome. 😀
    thats all i have to say… really.
    I wanna see him nude. ha


  4. Hey Tom, I love you and you’re super hot and stuff but plz plz don’t do any naked scenes. You don’t want to turn into one of those actors.
    But it’s your choice I suppose, so if you wanna do it, go for it.

  5. hahaha! My mum walked past as I clicked on the link on Twitter XD … she just gave me a funny look as she read the title 😳 :mrgreen:
    and to the people who are going on about Tom doing ‘sex roles’ and becoming one of ‘those actors’ – your making it sound like he’s saying he would be happy to make a late night Adult film. He’s not intending to do anything of the sort! 🙂 lets just say that there is a movie being casted, and Toms interested, he goes to the auditions and is told there is nudity [of the character he’s auditioning for], Tom is simply saying he wouldn’t put off the role for it! 😀

  6. i wud love 2x u on “www.lubeyourtube” structing ur sexy K**B on web cam – also wud u do more acting roles as a villian again or a comedy

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  8. Hey Tom, You did great work on the Harry Potter movies 😀 legend.

    Go for it there is nothing wrong with going nude and letting it all hang out. though first time you do it you’ll probably be scared stiff (not the way this statement could be read) lolz

    Keep up the great work 😀


    Steven StevenJ66 (twitter)

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