Feltbeats.com wishes Tom “Good Luck” tomorrow!

Feltbeats.com would like to wish Tom Felton good luck tomorrow in his televised soccer debut! Although Tom claims to not be the best soccer player, we really respect and admire him for getting on the field for charity! We hope it is lots of fun for him. And even if is isn’t totally fun, we hope he at least survives in tact. =)

Just a reminder, for those in the UK who can watch the game, it will be televised on ITV 1 starting at 6 pm. We encourage you to log on to our chat to discuss the game as it happens!

For those of you attending the game (you lucky dogs!), remember to send any pics of Tom to webmaster@feltbeats.com. We’ll even take bad, blurry pics; we don’t care! If it is blond, we want to see it! =)

And lastly, for the sad lot that is the rest of us, we will all meet up in the chat room to discuss the game and hear from those actually watching it. We’ll also be chatting about pics and updates as they come in! If you haven’t spent any time in the chat with us – now is your chance to log on and get to know everyone! It will be worth it; we’re all soooooooo funny. I’m talking hilarious, thigh-slapping, diet-coke-through-your-nose, mind-numbingly funny.

Well, some of us are funny. Or, a few of us are, at least. I mean, sometimes a few of us are a little bit funny.

I mean… there was that one time… Right? No? Oh, nevermind.

5 thoughts on “Feltbeats.com wishes Tom “Good Luck” tomorrow!

  1. I love tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he plays for charity ! so nice and sweet.I have lots of photos to submit! my room,desk,i pod,phone,tree house and books

    Tom Felton is my hero!!i cant think when i see and hear him.
    if u ask me a queston i can answer corectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. laura is my sister and she has to much tom felton stuff besids i like toms brother .tom and his older brother will be in my family soon

    laura – Mrs felton
    sara – Mrs felton

    laura and tom


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