Tom, we are SO PROUD of you! With Tom’s help, England wins!

144 more screen shots here!

Thanks to Alex (aka x_merlin) we have more shorts of Tom during warm up and during the game:

144 more screen shots here!

Thanks to Feltforum user Becka, we have video! Here is Tom preparing to take the pitch during SoccerAid 2008:

Tom on the pitch:

Video of Tom in the lockerroom after the win:

Video of Tom celebrating with his team and holding up the trophy:

Join us in the chat room, we’re discussing SoccerAid 2008 now!

The game is now over, and England won! Tom only got to play the last 18 mins or so, but he did REALLY WELL. He is a super fast runner, and actually got to kick the ball and battle it out with other players a few times. Once, he got tripped ( believes it was deliberate on behalf of the other player!) and fell. But Tom, we couldn’t be MORE PROUD of you, and we’re all bigger fans now than ever!

Remember, Tom did this all for charity! So donate now! And, of course, remember, UNICEF is a great charity and is always accepting donations, so if you can’t afford it now, donate something later!

Thanks to Feltbeats Forum users Becka and Dreamer, we’ve already got loads of screen caps! 68 of them so far, in fact!Check them out here.

Lastly, if you have ANY pics of Tom at the game, or screenshots, or perhaps stories about watching the game, e-mail us please! We’d love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Tom, we are SO PROUD of you! With Tom’s help, England wins!

  1. The other team’s name was The Rest of The World and there was big names like the portuguese football player Luís Figo and the brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro.
    Oh, and congratulations Tom, you were very well on the game. Thus you melt all girl’s heart!=D I admire you now more than ever! 🙂

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