New pics and video of Tom at SoccerAid 2008

Update: Thanks to Feltforum member DeathlyHallows, we have even more pics from SoccerAid 2008:

Next, thanks to Feltfan Kegan, we have this great video of Tom during SoccerAid 2008. I’m sure you’ll find the background music to be quite excellent.

Additionally, has been given permission to use these pics of Tom arriving at Wembly Stadium:

If you haven’t checked the SoccerAid 2008 section of the Feltpics gallery, check it out! We’ve been adding many new pics.

2 thoughts on “New pics and video of Tom at SoccerAid 2008

  1. Yeah, it sounds sad, but i agress with you.

    I hate it when people who aren’t a fan (if people like that exist) and they accidently meet him and then there is us fans who never seem to get to meet him.

    I had the opportunity to go this match but i didn’t. It would mean i would get home too late for school the next day. I feel i missed out on a once-in-a-life time opportunity!

    Oh well, maybe an accidental meet will happen for me one day too!

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