“The Disappeared” gets great reviews

Some reviews are coming in of “The Disappeared” – and they look good! Here are some we’ve found so far:

Excerpt from eye4images:

Set on a bleak London estate it starred Harry Treadaway as a teenager haunted by ghostly apparitions of his missing younger brother. Slow paced but high in tension it is a very fine film that deserves to be seen.

Excerpt from Quiet Earth:

For me, The Disappeared was THE film of Frightfest 08, a satisfying experience of sharp and honest dysfunctional dynamics, clammy-palm scares, occult secrets, brooding emotions and environments, escalating into a subterranean fight for life and justice for those beyond physical help.

And specifically about Tom’s character:

Circumstances contrive to prevent him playing the tape to his sceptical best mate, the refreshingly raw and begrudgingly loyal Simon, (played by Tom Felton, most famous for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films). His off-hand comment sets Matthew off down the route of reluctant and self-questioning amateur paranormal investigator as he sets up an old cassette recorder to capture a bit of the old Electronic Voice Phenemona.

6 thoughts on ““The Disappeared” gets great reviews

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t see this film when I had the chance. It is definitely a mind-blowing performance by Harry, that’s a given… I have to see it!

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