Dead Channels Film Festival to Showcase The Disappeared

According to The Evening Class blog, The Disappeared will be shown at Dead Channels – the San Fransisco Festival of Fantastic Film.

Festival Poster

Here’s the blurb that was said about The Disappeared on The Evening Class:

Another Dead Channels U.S. theatrical premiere is Johnny Kervorkian’s The Disappeared, an intelligent suspenseful thriller starring Neil Murphy, Harry Treadaway and Tom Felton. This tragic tale of a family’s loss is emotionally heart-wrenching, extremely well-acted and scary as Hell. Teenaged Matthew has lost his mind. He is directly responsible for the disappearance and probable death of his younger brother, Tom, and he can’t bear the responsibility. It’s cracking him apart. When Matthew returns home from the Hospital, his father Jake valiantly attempts to contain his anger; but his calm façade is beginning to crack. Then young Tom returns from the grave and he’s not alone. Screening at the Roxie Film Center on Monday, October 6, 8:00PM and Thursday, October 9, 6:00PM.

If any Feltfan lives out on the West Coast, or thinks they can/or will be able to go to this festival please let us know.

11 thoughts on “Dead Channels Film Festival to Showcase The Disappeared

  1. ack! i am on the east coast–why oh why cant this film be played on the east coast or everywhere for that matter. just release it on dvd already!!

  2. Having “connections” to someone in the cast (not Felton, don’t worry – GoogleAlert led me here), I can tell you that its not going to be released in theatres here. At a couple film festivals, maybe, but not here. It’ll be in a couple theatres in the UK for a short time though, then will go to DVD, probably around March or so?

    Anyhow that’s just what I was told.

    • Hi Bri!

      Thanks for the info! Yes, U.S. theatrical release is probably a long shot – but one can hope! I will surely be one of the first to buy it on DVD though. I can’t wait to see it!

      By the way, we have a fan review coming up in a few days I hope. I’m really excited to find out more about the movie! But we were asked by the director not to reveal the ending, so don’t worry, we won’t.

      Have you seen the film yet, Bri?

      • I WISH. It was available to watch for free on LycosCinema for the longest time, but I never had the time to watch it. Now that I do… its not on there anymore 🙁

        I know the ending though – won’t reveal it either 😉 have you seen it?

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