Half-Blood Prince interview and review

Tom explained how much he loved playing Draco:


RECREIO- How is Draco in this part of the story?
TOM – He starts to have even more conflicts. It’s time to him to decide where his loyalty lies.

RECREIO- Do you receive others callings to play other villains?
TOM – No. I tried different characters. But I think is fun to play the villain.

RECREIO – If you could play any other character in the Harry Potter series, who would it be?
TOM – I wouldn’t like to play any other character. I have fun playing “the baddie” the most (laughs). I would have to play someone bad, I couldn’t be a Gryffindor… I’d like do say that I would like to be Voldemort, but that would be so much. Maybe, if I were 30 years old, I could be Lucius. But I don’t know whether someone could play him better than Jason Isaacs.

RECREIO – What did you learn the most importantly from your role in the series?
TOM – I learned a lot seeing the production work, the directors’ and the actors’. I’m always learning about the actors, your characters and the way they choose to play them.

RECREIO – How is the next movie going to be?
TOM – I think that the last book was great, with a really cool ending. I liked Hogwarts battle.

RECREIO – Have you been thinking about what you’re going to do when it all finishes?
TOM – It’s sad to thing that it all is going to finish… But I’m trying to enjoy each moment day by day.

RECREIO – What would you like to keep with you as a reminder?
TOM – I’d keep the friends.

Source: http://www.snitchseeker.com/harry-potter-news/new-half-blood-prince-cast-interviews-new-york-city-premiere-contest-updated-59124/

And a review on Tom’s acting as Draco:


“…And Tom Felton was absolutely wonderful as a very conflicted Draco”

“..But the Draco/Dumbledore dialogue was true to the book, but abridged. I like it…I know there were those who didn’t, but I’m telling you, once everyone SEES it I think the attitude will be better.”

Source: Kristen from hogwartsradio.com

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