Sign Tom Felton’s virtual birthday card before tomorrow!

We’ve already got hundreds of Happy Birthday wishes for Tom’s 21st birthday! But do we have yours?

One more day to sign!

Tom’s 21st Birthday Project

Tom, don’t look! Everyone else click here to sign the virtual card.

8 thoughts on “Sign Tom Felton’s virtual birthday card before tomorrow!

  1. Happy Birthday Tom 😀 <3

    Hope that you`ll have a fantstic day and get a lot of gifts!
    Sorry that I can´t give more than this message 😛

    I will follow you whatever you do, acting, singing ore mabye stripp ( ore whatever you call it, take your shirt of ;P ) ;P

    I wish your carrer is´nt over after the Harry Potter, I want more of you, love ! 😀 <33

    have a faboulus day * how do you spell it ;P

    love Matilda, Sweden

  2. Happy birthday Tom!!!!!

    I hope you have an amazing day.

    I hope you get everything you wish for.

    (sorry Im not that good with birthday cards)


    Love Alexandra, Canada.

  3. Happy Birthday, Tom.
    Wow, 21.
    That must fell pretty awesome.
    I hope you enjoy your special day, and eat lots of cake! ^_^
    Or write more songs! (More songs is good). xP
    But enough of my rambling!
    Have fun, and enjoy your birthday.
    Love (a huge fan), Tyriane, Marietta, GA (U.S.A)
    P.S. My name’s pronounced tai-ree-an in case you were wondering.
    OK I’m done now.

  4. hey tom
    wow 21. well ur allowed 2 drink here in america. well happy b-day and hope your wishes and dreams come true (hopefully you’ll swing by to america soon so i could meet you!) but ok happy bday!!

    -Justine VA (USA)

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