11 thoughts on “Higher-resolution versions of HBP calendar available

    • I know! I think he looks much younger than Dan Radcliffe. He has no problems playing a 17-year-old methinks.

      Someone please tell me what he’s going to do to the bird!!! I’ve got to know. This is DRACO remember. Do I need to call the ASPCA?

    • It has to be related to some scene in the movie though, or else it wouldn’t make any sense. Right?

      If it was just a random animal to make Draco look sensitive for this photoshoot, why not a baby puppy? Or a little white kitten? Awww! Those are much cuter and more cuddly than a frightened-looking bird.

      So, if we assume it is somehow related to the plot of the movie, what could it be?

      You’re right in the sense though that perhaps there is some scene in the movie where he catches a bird and pets it or something. Perhaps some touching scene with the bird will allow us to see Draco’s caring, scared side – much like the Myrtle conversation in the book, which we know was cut in the movie.

      A bunch of people have seen the movie though – no one can get us all clocked?

  1. They cut the Myrtle scene in the bathroom, in the movie? Nuts…That really stinks. Yeah, let’s not let poor Draco have any redemption…I still don’t like how Rowling handled his character in the end. Draco was supposed to turn on the baddies and join Harry’s side in a final act that proved he never really was as bad as Harry thought. Would have made Draco a more threre dimensional character. I guess Rowling decided to sort of do that, but she really missed an opportunity to create a very powerful scene, like the bathroom scene was. Grrr put Myrtle back in that scene!

    • Well, the scene is there – where Harry comes in to the bathroom and they duel and so forth. But Myrtle isn’t in the movie, so Draco isn’t talking to her when Harry comes in.

      Maybe he’s petting a little bird! 🙂

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