Some Feltbeats music now available on

You can now purchase and preview Feltbeats music on! Currently, the “Silhouettes in Sunsets” single is available, as is the “Time Well Spent” album. In addition, each song on the “Time Well Spent” album is available for download as a single:

We know there are several fans who have not been able to hear Tom’s music because of difficulties with iTunes, so hopefully this will allow everyone to buy or at least preview some of his music.

Note of course that does not yet have his most recent album, “All I Need.” We’ll notify you when it becomes available.

Lastly, has made these songs and some additional items available via an widget, which you can see below and to the right.

5 thoughts on “Some Feltbeats music now available on

    • It’s not free, but you should be able to hear like a 15 second preview for free. If you haven’t heard the music other than on YouTube, you should definitely hear at least the previews – the songs are all re-recorded and well-produced and sound great!

  1. Hi, i`d really love to support our teddyboy, but i cant: I cant use itunes and so cannot use amazonmp3-downloads, because won`t give download-produkts to germans(non-ameriacans or non-britains or whatever)! and dosent offer any downloadthings! what am i supposed to do? Jem

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