Tom Felton’s new movie, “The Disappeared,” to screen in Hollywood at Mann’s Chinese Theatre

Great news! has just learned that Tom’s new movie, “The Disappeared,” will screen at the legendary and prestigious Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood during the Screamfest 08 Horror Film Festival, Monday the 13th of October at 7pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity for West Coast Feltfans to be able to see this movie – which is getting amazing reviews (both the film and Tom’s acting) – on the big screen.

Also, “The Disappeared” Director Johnny Kevorkian, who has been interviewed on previously (Part I and Part II), has informed us that he will be attending this event. So if you go, give him a Feltbeats shout out from us!

Please also remember that the film will be showcased at the Dead Channels Film Festival in San Fransisco on Monday, October 6, 8:00PM and Thursday, October 9, 6:00PM.

9 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s new movie, “The Disappeared,” to screen in Hollywood at Mann’s Chinese Theatre

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  2. Tom played fantastic!!!VERY-VERY mystical,exciting and interesting film! Like it!
    I love Tom Felton!!!!He is very-very good actor and I think many other people like this film!!!!
    We must say “THANKS” for GREAT JOB….
    All people worked…and actors and film’s ceators!!!!
    Thank you,Tom!!! I very like to see on you!) 😉 😛

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