Feltbeats.com launches “I want to see the Emma movie” campaign

As Feltfans know, “Emma of Lulworth Cove” is still in pre-production stage, and still building up funding. So, fans can help by generating a buzz for the film (like you all did with “The Disappeared” – thank you!) which will help spark even more investor interest.

If you are interested in seeing this movie through to production, help us push it to the next level! We’re asking for all Feltfans to place an “I want to see the Emma movie” button on their Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal, forum signature, etc. and also ask your friends to click on it!

There are lots of button options – blonde hair and brown hair, big and small!

Get the code!

Get the code!

Get the code!

Make sure it links to http://www.feltbeats.com/go/click.php?id=1 so we can track the clicks!

There isn’t much to see there now on the IMDb.com page, and you don’t need to log on or subscribe to it or anything, but those in the movie industry watch traffic to the IMDb.com pages and rate movie desirability based on this traffic! So click on the page, and click often!

NOTE: If you place this button on your forum sig, profile page, Facebook, etc., please send us the link or post your info in the comments below! If you’re a member of our Feltforum, we’ll give you a special award! If you’re not, we’ll list your site or your name on a special thank you page!

If all goes according to plan, filming could begin as early as November!

A bit about the movie

Official Summary: “Emma of Lulworth Cove” is the story of a beautiful apparition from an 18th-century ship wreck who wanders present-day Lulworth Cove where she meets a young man, Robbie, and falls passionately in love with him. In later years, Robbie moves away from Lulworth and finds new love. He marries a young lady called Zara. However, such a union meets with the wrath of Emma, who is out to destroy their marriage and have Robbie for herself.

The Cast Lineup

Tom Felton
(“Harry Potter”): Older Robbie

Sara Paxton
(“Superhero Movie”): Emma

Jayne Wisener
(“Sweeny Todd”): Zara

David Bowles
(“The Chronicles of Narnia”): Coxswain

Roger Daltry (McVicar)(ex The Who): John

Martin Landau
(“The X Files”): Professor Brakewell

14 thoughts on “Feltbeats.com launches “I want to see the Emma movie” campaign

  1. i tried posting the button on my facebook and am having trouble. i put it in a ‘note’ and it doesn’t make a button, but there is a small hyperlink that leads to the ’emma’ imdb page. any advice? thnx!

  2. This is stupid, you have three Emma movie buttons and NOT The Disappeared. Looks like a lot of you want to see this dumb movie. Have you all read what this movie is supposed to be about. I can’t believe that this is really a book!! 🙄 🙄

    • The Disappeared has already been made into a movie, and Feltbeats.com do have a link to The Disappeared IMDB page.

      Also, Emma of Lulworth Cove is a very highly anticipated movie amongst feltbeats viewers and members, hense the buttons.

    • You may have missed our big push for “The Disappeared” a few months ago – we posted to chat rooms, discussed the movie on IMDb.com, etc. Here is an interview with the director that we ran in two parts, and as you can see at the end of the interview we listed sites for Feltfans to have discussions and to promote the movie: http://feltbeats.com/2008/08/18/feltbeatscom-interviews-johnny-kevorkian-director-of-%E2%80%9Cthe-disappeared%E2%80%9D-about-tom-felton%E2%80%99s-role-part-ii/

      Also, as Becka said, you can see on the front page of Feltbeats.com we’ve already driven thousands of page views to “The Disappeared” on IMDb.com through out “Ways to Support Tom” links.

      That being said, we’d love to have a “The Disappeared” button! If you want to make one, we’ll happily post it!

      Additionally, we expect the movie will be played at even more festivals around the country and should be notifying you of such soon.

  3. In order to add codes to your Facebook (i.e. the Emma of Lulworth Cove buttons), you have to add a third party application to your profile. The one used on the Feltbeats Army page is the My Stuff application by gigya.

    1. Open the link to the Emma of Lulworth Cove button page: http://www.keganwebdesigns.co.uk/FBA/FBArmyPack.html. Select the Emma button that you want to put on your Facebook and copy the code.
    2. Log into your Facebook account.
    3. Add the My Stuff application by gigya into your profile. Once you’ve added this application, it becomes possible to add the Emma button code.
    4. To add the code, click on the new “My Stuff” link (on the left side of your Facebook).
    5. An “Add Code” box should appear; this is where you should paste the code for the Emma button you have selected.
    6. When done, press the “Add to Profile” button.

  4. Did you change Jayne Wisener’s hair color in the pic? I always thought she was a blond…

    anyways- can’t wait to see them in the movie 😉

    • Yeah I did! The book is very specific about Zara having red hair – and always wearing mauve, so I thought I’d make her look that way.

      Additionally, although I didn’t Photoshop Sara’s hair color, I specifically found a picture of her with brown hair, because Emma is supposed to have brown hair.

      Tom’s character Robbie is supposed to have brown hair, but I used a soccer picture of Tom where his hair, though still blond, is much closer to his natural color.

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