More great reviews of “The Disappeared” and Tom’s acting

Tom Felton in “The Disappeared.”

Ain’t It Cool News, a very popular movie Web site, has just given “The Disappeared” a great review!

The Disappeared (UK)

Blaming himself for the disappearance of his younger brother Tom, young Matthew Ryan (Harry Treadaway) re-enters society after a prolonged stint in psychiatric care. After hearing Tom’s voice on a video recording of a police news conference, Matthew starts to uncover the dark secrets behind his brother’s abduction, all the while questioning his own sanity. A stunningly atmospheric and intelligent thriller, Johnny Kevorkian’s The Disappeared was, for me, by far the biggest surprise of the festival. It’s a slow-burner for sure, but it’s also a beautifully crafted gem of a movie with a pay-off that’s more than worth the wait. From the ominous council-estate setting that puts a whole new spin on the haunted house genre to Ilan Eskeri’s haunting score, all technical credits are top notch. Cinematographer Diego Rodriguez’s work stands out, in particular, extracting the kind of disassociated beauty from a gritty urban reality that only a foreigner’s eye could see. The acting, likewise, is of a uniformly high standard. Greg Wise and Tom Felton both deliver solid support as Matthew’s father and best friend respectively. But the movie belongs to Treadaway, whose performance as the lonely, guilt-ridden investigator is nothing short of spectacular. More than anything though, The Disappeared highlights debut feature director Kevorkian as a talent to watch. With movies such as this, and Oliver Blackburn’s excellent debut Donkey Punch, it seems as though, after years of treading water in a sea of rom-com and costume-drama mediocrity, the genre arm of the British film industry is swimming determinedly back to shore.

2nd opinion: My fellow traveller loved The Disappeared, naming it her second favourite movie of the festival after the stunning Let The Right One In.

That’s an amazing review considering this is Johnny Kevorkian’s debut as a director!

Also, here is a nice review from a user on the site:

It looks good, without being spectacular, which entirely suits its council estate setting. Combined with excellent performances from the leads, it could almost work as a pure kitchen sink drama. Despite not being given much to say, Harry Treadaway and Greg Wise are a convincingly troubled father and son. The support is also broadly good; Tom Felton is particularly notable.

We have more reviews coming soon! If you’ve seen the movie, let us know! We’d love to interview you.

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