Fan review of Tom Felton’s new movie, “The Disappeared” recently spoke to Feltforum member jonesy100000000, who was lucky enough to attend the UK premiere of “The Disappeared” in London last month. She was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

Feltbeats: Where did you get to see the movie and what was the experience like?

jonesy100000000: I went to the UK premiere with my mate at the Odeon in London on the 25th for FrightFest. The experience was amazing, slightly daunting as most of the people there had been there at least all day if not the weekend and were horror film fanatics but it was still great. We got to see the producer, director, and Harry Treadaway at the end and they also did a Q&A session which made the experience even better, especially as I hadn’t been expecting it.

FB: Did you go specifically to see Tom?

J1: I’m not sure if this is a surprise or not, but yeah I did mainly go see the movie to see Tom, it’s how I found out about the film originally. As time went on it was also because the film looked really good and I wanted to know what happened at the end. Although, if Tom hadn’t been in it, I might not have insisted that I go to the premiere and would have waited for it to be released generally.

FB: What was Tom Felton’s character (Simon) like? What happens to him in the plot?

J1: Simon was an interesting character; he was best friends with Matthew Ryan (the lead). Simon had to deal with Matthew’s behaviour as he tried to recover from his brother’s disappearance. In addition, part way through the film Simon’s own sister (Sophie) goes missing as well.

FB: How was Tom Felton’s acting? How much was in the movie?

J1: There were a few key scenes that featured Tom. As usual, he performed brilliantly in them, even though there wasn’t always a lot of dialogue. He gave an understated performance that, for me, stood out.

FB: What are some key scenes which featured Tom and how did he perform?

J1: There were a couple of scenes that stood out for me, that needed great emotion from Tom. One was the scene when Matthew goes to Simon’s house when he has learned of Sophie’s disappearance. Naturally Simon was upset, and Matthew just made it worse. The emotion that Tom put into it was amazing, he really captured it brilliantly. [His acting] was subtle and slightly understated, making the scene even more emotional.

The second scene was when Simon decided to follow Mr. Ballan (and Matthew) into the church and he got attacked (it’s in the trailer) – screaming and going crazy was defiantly involved in that part. would like to thank jonesy100000000 for the review, and we’re giving her a special award for the forum profile, and an extra zero for her name (she needs it!). 🙂

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  1. It will soon go to a couple random theaters in the UK, then be released on DVD’s (Though probably not available in stores), so you can buy it online.

  2. Hey Misha!!
    I have a question!!
    Do you know how did Tom Felton celebrate his birthday????
    Please if you know something, say it for me!!! 😆

  3. The rights were sold to an american co. (IFC) for publishing its in the news section on the website for the movie.

  4. At the end of the movie, Matthew tells his father that he had killed ballan and in the movie they showed this as well … as matthew killed ballan using a huge rock.. but matthews dad tells him that the real ballan has been dead many years and the actual murderer is at large.. didnt they show in the movie matthew killing ballan ? could sum1 fill me in on this ?

    anyway brilliant movie. i always appreciate sum fine british horror 🙂

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