Some questions and answers about the “Emma of Lulworth Cove” graphics contest

We’ve gotten several great questions about our “Emma of Lulworth Cove” graphics contest and they deserve clarification. I will answer them below, and also post them on our “Emma of Lulworth Cove” graphics contest page.

Question: What do you mean we can’t use copyrighted images as reference material? What’s up with that?

Answer: Due to the fact that we will be using the winning artwork on the official pre-production site of the “Emma of Lulworth Cove” movie, we can’t be authorized to use material that has been copyrighted by another party. This includes screen shots from other movies, private photos which we do not have permission to use, or shots taken by professional photographs (photo shoots or on the red carpet). The movie companies or photographers own the copyright of these images and we wouldn’t be allowed to use them without permission.

Question: Can I ask a photographer for permission to use their work?

Answer: Of course! However, it is important to note that they need to give you permission to use the work on ANOTHER site, not your personal site. Many times they will give permission to use it on a personal site, but using it on the official “Emma” site would be another matter and needs to be explicitly stated. Also note that if you do get permission, you will need to provide that permission in written format (e-mail is fine) to us.

Question: Dude, then I’ll hardly have anything to use for reference material!

Answer: I know, huh?! No one said this was an easy contest! Here are some ideas though:

  • Tom Felton has given us permission to use his likeness for the purposes of the contest (Thanks, Tom!), so if you do get permission to use something – you don’t have to worry about Tom.
  • Additionally, Tom’s girlfriend Jade has given us permission (Thanks, Jade!) to use photos that she herself took of Tom (photos of Tom in a suit at Wembley stadium, the photo of Tom and Timber under the tree, and the “Holiday in Crete” photos which Jade took while they were on vacation).
  • allows you to do a search for material which has a creative commons license or a commercial use license, so you can use those photos as reference or stock material.

Question: Can I re-use artwork that I submitted in the “original artwork” or other categories for the “movie poster” category?

Answer: Sure! A movie poster can be made up of either traditional art or digital art. Also, it is fine if you create some nice artwork for the “original artwork” category and then reform it to be a movie poster.

Question: Can I use artwork that I did a few years ago, or perhaps submitted to another contest?

Answer: Sure, as long as you have authority to submit it (meaning, the other contest didn’t take ownership of the work, or forbid you for submitting it elsewhere).

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  1. Will you be posting the contestant entries anywhere for the rest of us to view them? I’m looking forward to seeing their work.

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