4 thoughts on “Tom Felton discusses Harry Potter in small interview snippet with ITN Showbiz

  1. 🙂 awwwwww i feel the tears comming ..lol
    but seriously awwww he is shoooo CUTE !!!!!! 🙂 :mrgreen: hearts *hearts *
    I relli relli want 2 meet him …but he is going to cry dere r many chances dey all r gonna CRY dey have known each other for half of their LIVES !!!! Its INSANE but in a relli relli nice way he is soo close wid all of them ….Dan , Rupert , Emma, Matt, Devon , James and Oliver. I wish him Good Luck !!!
    Luv u TOM ! 🙂

  2. Oh and BTW …he did such a FANTASTIC JOb 2day in the show …WOW …it blew me AWAY !!!!!!!
    I was like OMFG he is soo FEARLESS ..very very brave of u TOM 🙂 8) ! And he supported wendi a lot …he kept on telling her stuff like its gonna be okay ..and dey both went together in the Helicopter datz also where he kept on talking 2 her to take her mind off ..sooo sweet of him…and HE SAID I LUV U 2 his gf …u r the girl something like dat and I luv u MOm ..awww man i had tears ….seriously ..i was like DANG i WANT HIM !! 🙁 Lucky girl though ..she must have supported him a LOT !! and he needed dat !! 😀 good thing he has US !! 😉 u MADE US Proud TOM !! U ROX …luv ya all the way from CANADA !!! luv u soo much !! 8) :mrgreen: 😆

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