Higher-res screen caps of HBP trailer, and video

We now have some higher-res screen caps from the new HBP trailer, courtesy HBP Movie Pics. More can be seen in our gallery.

Also, a close examination of those screen caps has revealed a few with Draco in the background. Here is Draco fleeing from Hogwarts with Snape, while Hagrid’s Hut burns.

Draco is in the background of this potions class cap.

And, the Sectumsempra scene:

22 thoughts on “Higher-res screen caps of HBP trailer, and video

  1. Let me be the first to comment
    These trailers are getting better and better.
    Just wish there was a bit more of Tom.
    Love the Sectumsempra pic of Tom

    • I understand what you mean. But I’m glad that there has been a lot more of Tom in this film.

      I’m very excited for that bathroom scene, from prior news it should be amazing.

  2. Why do they keep teasing us like this!? Trailer after trailer of teasers!

    So tell me, why did they push the film back?! I love Twilight, don’t get me wrong! But I need to see this film!

    Okay, my rants done now….

  3. OMFrickin’G!!! that was amazing! man why they post-poned the moviee like that?! i so can’t wait for the movie!!! >< and Malfoy loks just as i picyured him. i just wanna hug him and tell him it’s gonna be ok. *squee* HARRY POTTER (and Draco Malfoy) RULES!!! XD

  4. OMFJC! 😯 I’m gona dia, I’m gona die, I’m gona die! Tom is amazing, that scene will be perfect, just like it was in the book, I really think that 😀 😀
    I COMPLETELY and TOTALY love you Tom, you are… I’ve no words to say it…! (sorry Jade, but your boy make me feel like that 😳 xD)

  5. Oh…
    DRACO!!!/TOM!!! :***** xD Just kidding. He looks… sad… 🙁 Don’t worry Draco (: Yeah, Jenny. Jade is so lucky 😀

  6. 😯 wow!!!!!! i am from puerto rico i love harry potter movie and my sis got me this link to seee the trailerr awsomee i ccant wait to see the movieeeee this is one of favorites book yeiih!!!! ^_^ in spanishh jajajajajaja brutallllllllllllll me encantaaaaaaaaaa ya kiero ver laaaaaaaaaaa jajajajajaj seee yyyaaa 😯 😆 :mrgreen:

  7. Haha how could you see that picture of Draco fleeing from Hogwarts??? Anyway awesome job.

    And FANTASTIC trailer. I’m so waiting to see HBP 🙂

  8. oh

    God……my Idol

    he’s so handsome and very sexy man

    I love him wow…….interested on wonderful

    miss miss misssssssssssss

    ha ha hahaha


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