Finalists of “Emma of Lulworth Cove” graphics contest announced

We’ve got a ton of entries (you all had to wait until the last HOUR to get them to me, didn’t you?) and I’ve finally chosen the finalists. I know it was hard to work within the constraints of this contest, but we’ve got great results! In the future, we’ll have another contest and will be more relaxed with the rules. 😉

I will post the finalists today, but I won’t name the order yet, or the artists, or who won the honor of being featured on Ray Stoke’s official site. Next, I will deliberate with Ray, and let you know the results in several days.

I did go ahead and choose categories for each piece, even though some could qualify for more than one one category.

Feel free to comment below (or in the photo gallery, where I’ve also posted them) and let me know which you think should win!

Thanks everyone for participating. Sorry that we could only pick a few finalists. Great job!




By Elise So Yun

16 thoughts on “Finalists of “Emma of Lulworth Cove” graphics contest announced

  1. the original artwork should win because it is so much better then the rest. the artist did that with their own talent and i think deserves to win and should win, and it looks fantastic. this artist has real talent.

  2. i agree that the origional artwork should win. its fabulous 😀

    buttttttt.. i want to see something with tom in it .. so its a hard decision

  3. I think the second one under the “Movie Poster” should win that category.

    It’s quite eye catching. The colors in the sunset are beautiful. The artist has talent with a capital “T”. They did an excellent job capturing the light and dark tones of the book.

    The contest was done as a way to help promote Tom in this movie so probably one of the others with Tom might win. Even though this one does not feature Tom, it’s the best one, IMO. The overall design is well put together. Excellent work, design and artwork-wise, by the artist. 😀

  4. Wow, these are impressive! I’d say all artists are equally as talented.

    If I had any say in this, which I don’t, I would say that the first one under photo manipulation should win. It’s well put together in terms of composition, contrast, and colour scheme.

    Awesome job everyone!

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