Tom Felton breaks out of Hogwarts (ACED Magazine article)

Keely Weiss, who interviewed Tom recently for her interview blog,, has re-packaged the interview into article form for ACED Magazine. It’s definitely worth the read.

But the rest of the world has started to realize that Felton, currently 21, is more than just the actor who plays Draco in the Harry Potter films. He acts outside of Harry Potter, of course, and on YouTube he is known as a musician under the screenname Feltbeats. Felton has definitely been keeping busy in between Potter flicks.

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1 thought on “Tom Felton breaks out of Hogwarts (ACED Magazine article)

  1. 😮 I really like tom’s interveiws and also
    his youtube videos. I heard about the carp fishing tournaments and everything. Good luck Tom and keep
    improving your music and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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