Another picture of Tom and Jade at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

Thanks to our Administrator Lumalfoy, for finding this one.

Also, I thought I’d show you the picture upside-down so you could see their faces. And you can see how calm and collected Jade is compared to… everyone else on the ride (not mentioning any names, but you do the math!).

20 thoughts on “Another picture of Tom and Jade at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

  1. LOL! I’m so totally jealous right now. I love roller-coasters and would love to be on that one right now! 🙂

    They look like they’re enjoying themselves. Which is sweet. (still jealous tho!)

  2. wooow ! it seems to be very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh and jade is really pretty, hmm tom & her, are cute together.
    it’s too cute.
    i adore them, they’re so perfect….

  3. God I miss roller coasters… I wanna go on one now!

    Just looking at this pictures brings back so many breathtaking memories. Being upside down isn’t so bad, it’s the free falling however many hundreds of feet that’s scary! The front of the roller coaster is the scariest [Why are they at the front?]! I think I’ve only ever ridden in the front twice [not that I’ve been on many roller coasters, mind].

    I need to get one of those year-round passes!

  4. Lol he looks a tad freaked haha. i wanna see him go on stuff by where i live in chicago, like the roller coasters in Six Flags (Great America).

  5. okay, this is soooo random, but does Jade have a friend on you youtube called Becky (xjustlikeux)cause you know…I wanna see if the girl is lying or not!

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