Tom to have house redecorated by “interiors guru to the stars”

According to The Daily Mail, Tom Felton will have his house redecorated by architectural designer Susan White of Phoenix Interior Design.

Next up is the home of Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. He lives close to Susan’s office in Ockley, near Dorking, Surrey.

Read more about Susan and her work here.

13 thoughts on “Tom to have house redecorated by “interiors guru to the stars”

  1. Lol awesome. Tom should save money and just have his girlfriend design his place. That girl has some wiked fashion sense and I’m sure she could make his home look lovely! 🙂

    • No, he’s been on his own since the summer of 2005. (just before he turned 18)

      And….I don’t think it’ll be on tv…It would’ve been most public than that.

      • I have never really considered what his family situation was or is. Leaving to life on one’s own at 18 is a strong move towards independence. I think I hope he uses the wealth he has accumlated this early in life to good purpose; there are so many horror stories about wasted and abused money from young artists that I hope he misses this kind of situation.

  2. omg! it sould be on tv so we can watch it and then we can see how it looks like at the end! 😀

    sorry if this doesnt make sence im in i.c.t at school and im mwnt to be doing work!

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