Wishing David the best

We would like to wish a full recovery for David, a member of the stunt crew who was injured on Wednesday on the set of HP7. Our hopes and prayers are with David and his family and friends.

19 thoughts on “Wishing David the best

  1. I know Jade was really close to him, as well as many other cast members were, and I hope everything goes okay. There’s still no word on how he will recover, but we’re all hoping for the best.

    Kyra, he fell while doing a stunt and hurt his neck really bad, and said he couldn’t feel his legs.

    My best wishes go to him and everyone close to him.

  2. I wish David a speedy recovery and that he will be ok.
    Sending my best wishes to all who are close to him they must all be upset and worried love to you all

  3. Do you know a girl named Traci??I’m not a deranged fangirl i’m doing this in the service of a friend, she wants to ask him a few questions. Traci said i shuld ask you,can you help?

  4. Added David to both long distance Reiki masters list and full moon and Imbolic Brighid healing circles. I hope he makes a full recovery!

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