New pics of Tom Felton at Great Ormond Street Hospital “Christmas Spectacular” party

I tried to get some news together that will cheer people up after the bad news I just posted. So, I hope to placate you with these new pictures (below). Also, I have some inside information to share with you soon that should make everyone QUITE happy! Big stuff coming soon, so keep checking back on the site.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Tom from the Great Ormond Street Hospital “Christmas Spectacular” party. Used with permission.

More than 20 additional photos here!

27 thoughts on “New pics of Tom Felton at Great Ormond Street Hospital “Christmas Spectacular” party

  1. Aw they are great photos – cheers me up. I notice we not only have Misha to thank for them..but Jade too. Gee I feel so observant.

  2. Aww they are so natural of Tom and he looks so happy and relaxed with the children a good time must have been had by all Thanks to Jade for sharing her photos with us all and not forgetting Misha too

  3. Tom Felton is sow kind, and Wonderful person to all he meets.
    Tom felton do put his best out for his fans,:-)
    Tom Felton, hans A lot of fan In Norway, Ho love him,
    Tom Felton in Norway we got real Snow now, Not Fack Snow.
    30 cm her!!

  4. How sweet and adorable. Thanks to Tom and Jade for sharing them (and Misha for being so fabulous they would want to).

    He looks so paternal in that cardigan. *sigh*

  5. hey, this is random info but anyways….
    Great Ormand street hospital, right? Well wasn’t that the place Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, went when she was really sick when he was filming sweeney Todd?( which incidently I thought Tom would have made a great…oh I’ve forgotten his name, he fell in love with Joanna) Then Depp went to the hospital, I wish Tom and Johnny would have met, the pics would be so smexi!!!!

  6. awww, the pictures are so cute! 😀 Tom is a wonderful and very sweet boy and these photos are realy cool! Thank you Tom, Jade and Misha 😀 😉

  7. Geez! I was taken aback when I saw to who those pictures were credited to, it took me a few minutes before to decide what to type!

    I’m vey impressed, very touched in even, than Jade was willing to share those pictures of hers with us, along Tom’s agreement (therefore confirming my suspicuions than they were in touch with the site, or at least checjing what was being said here!).

    On the other hand, it’s been very sad to read than the current economical situation had gotten into the way with “Emma of Lulworth Cove”. It’s terrible to read than someone you’re caring about and is bringing you a lot, isn’t spared life’s hardships, nowadays. The proof that your can be an actor and remain a human being.

    Misha, I’m looking forward yor big stuff, and I’m looking forward seeing more of Tom’s golden heart speaking up into the future.

    With Love,


  8. All the pics are absolutely adorable :mrgreen:(THANKS Misha & Jade)…you know what? Tom kind of reminds me of Dr. Chase from House M.D. with that hair!!! 😆

    He’s so cute and altruistic!! (*melts*)

  9. These pictures made my day! I love how Tom is so down to earth, and he is willing to put his time in for little kids. I would definitely love to meet him and tell him that I admire him for being a great role model to look up to!

    Im sorry to hear that EOL didn’t go through, I’m sure that there will be other movies for Tom!

    Thanks a lot Jade and Misha for posting these pictures! It made my day!

  10. Out of all the pictures of Tom that i’ve seen, the one where he’s playing/talking to the little girl is my favorite. It was the most adorable and sweetest pic of him that i’ve ever seen. I completely agree with Tyriane, he would make a great father!

  11. thanks to misha and jade for these photos! they are brilliant!!!i put them in my site and i said “Credit:jade and thanks to for the photos” can i keep them or do u want me to write something else?

  12. OMFG!!! He looks so hot? He changed so much… Since when does he have those muscles? Tom, my love, you look good enough to eat! I adore you!

  13. That is such a cute picture of him! I love Tom. He’s just so sweet and great with little kids. Thanks to Jade and Misha for sharing! Love you Tom! xoxo Bailey 😛 :mrgreen: 🙂

  14. That is such a cute picture of him! I love Tom. He’s just so sweet and great with little kids. Thanks to Jade and Misha for sharing! xoxo Bailey 😛 :mrgreen: 🙂

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