10 thoughts on “New HBP Draco promo pic

  1. Tom/Draco looks like a REALLY young Lucius..which i guess is a good thing? but still..doesnt look like him at all!!
    in a good way :D;;

  2. I screamed when I seen it. His look is saying I am bad and we both know it. And it looks cute and evil but who says that is a bad thing.

  3. To me, it says I’m stuck for I’ve to obey, if I’ve to prove my worth. Which is the saddest part of all (that’s why to this day, I’m still unable to read the HBP book, I mean because of the way it’s been brought up across interviews at the book’s release, of how much some emphasized too much on this dark corner of Draco’s mind, without actually seeing this. Therefore my apprehension of the visualisation of the bathroom and tower scenes). He tries to look his usual turn down self, without being convincing, which is what I like best, anyway! It shows his humanity, his limits, precisely what Dumbledore saw…

    With Love,


  4. 🙂 hey tom u look really good in that banner u look like your father!!! In a good way… 8) also by looking at the harry potter 6 commercials it looks like your doing a really good job at playing your part. Keep it up!!!!! 🙂
    LOVE YA,
    Audrey. 😆
    p.s good luck on your tournaments
    also that was really nice of u and
    jade to go to the hospital to see
    those kids. 🙂

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