22 thoughts on “Regal’s First Look at “HBP”

  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW can’t wait until july!!! I want see it!

    These movies are getting better and better!!

    Aww the sectumsempra part is definetely one of my favorites parts!

  2. When I’d first read the part into the book, I was rather like: ” Did I have read right?!” 😯 Here, I’d been rather: “Did I have seen right?!” 😆

    Geez, I mean that’s exactly how I’d visualized it into my mind! And with such haunted eyes…I know such eyes..*sigh* It’s unbearable, to see such unspoken inner suffering expressed onto the screen…

    Now, I’m wondering if I’ll have the strenght to watch the whole scene, when the movie will come out.

    God, I’m so apprehensive…

    With Love,


  3. This film is going to be,something big and sow good.
    I can not wait to,See it befor it geet out on the cinema.
    When Ron, Think hi is in Love, that just funny

    Love Elisabeth 🙂

  4. oh.my.god. 😯

    if i get this excited for a video clip thats not even a second long, can you imagine how ridiculous im going to look watching the actual movie??


    <3 sammi monster

  5. Draco seems like he’s going to show his softer side in this movie.
    But woow, this interview and trailer makes everything so suspenful

  6. OMG this is amazing!!! thank god a lot of the good parts of the book are in the movie!!
    i am sooo thrilled for it to come out!!! 😆

  7. One of the funniest movies? I do not see anything funny about what Draco is going through. *sniffs*

    Lol, Even though i will cry alot during it, i can’t wait for it to come out! Darn you July!


    last time i watched this, i didnt finish the video.

    and now..I have.. &

    i think im on the brink of heart failure.
    the excitment…its almost to much!



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