Tom Felton to play supporting role in new British independent film, “13 Hours”

UPDATE: Thanks to Chris for pointing out that Tom is indeed in the trailer!! A screenshot is here, but it is very spoilerish for those who do not what to know what happens to his character in this movie.

Thanks for uploading the video! has learned that Tom Felton has just finished a 3-week shoot for a new film called “13 Hours.” The film, directed by Jonathan Glendening and produced by Eyeline Entertainment, has a completion date of April 2009.

Tom’s character, Gary, is a friend of the main character’s brother, and is described as being cheeky and crassly funny.

Click here to see the trailer.

We will have much more information soon, so follow “13 Hours” news at the tag page:

23 thoughts on “Tom Felton to play supporting role in new British independent film, “13 Hours”

  1. Yay! 😀 *does happy does for Tom*

    He’s in another movie. I’m so proud.

    I hope it’s released in the US. It would be nice to see it before it hits DVD.

  2. ohh yaayy! 😀

    i, too, hope it is released in the US.

    although it looks quite disgusting,
    I WILL SEE IT FOR TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is all(:

    <3 sammi

  3. Hey Thats great

    I hope we will be able to see this one either on the screen or DVD. Still want to see The Disappeared. Hoped it was going to be released on Dvd but no luck yet.

  4. Gemma Atkinson wrote this piece on her blog. If you all remember, she was on Jack Osbourne’s Adrenaline Junkie with Tom. Here’s what she said:

    I am filming at the moment too which is really exciting. I play a character called Emily in a feature film called 13 Hours. It is a horror and it is hard work but very rewarding. Tom Felton is in the film too which is very nice for me as we did Adrenaline Junkie together and got on well so it has helped me feel comfortable having a friend on set.

    This is just great! Now that makes a total of 4 movies that feature Tom to look forward to. 😉

  5. I think you can actually see Tom in the Trailer (at the end, at +/-45,22 sec., you need to watch it in slow motion), but it’s very spoilerish – so if you don’t want to know want happens to him, then you better not watch it in slow motion!

  6. That’s a nice surprise to hear that he’s in a new movie! It’s way too gory for me. I’m not very good with loud/sudden noises. Even if I anticipate it, I jump 10 feet out of my chair!

  7. OMG That’s just wow…I want to see that..and after this photo(from TWITPIC) I wanna see this film bigger and bigger!!!!!!!!
    Hope that this film will be in Russia….because I really waited the disappeared movie but it wasn’t in Russia….=(((((((( so hope that it will be in my country!!!
    and I think that I will be excited but I will see that just for Thomas!!!!<3 😉

  8. first the disapeared and now the 13th hour, is it just me or is he in all horror movies… oh well its so worth seing if hes in it 😳

  9. I Cant Wait To See This Film But I No Fine Well That I Will Cry If And When Tom Gets Hurt Coz I Did At Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince When He Got Hurt And I Cried When Cedric And Sirius Died… I Also Cried At The Books So I’ll No I’ll Cry But I Still Cant Wait To See It

    Tom Felton’s Biggest Fan Ever
    x x x

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  11. WOW another movie wherein TOM FELTON is acting on!!!

    MUST watch it!!!! >////<
    even though it's horror and I hate scary movies T_T…I'll watch it for TOM felton!

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