13 thoughts on “Which three Draco scenes do you most anticipate watching in the theater?

  1. Hrrrrmmm, I just realized that if you haven’t read the final books, this is sort of a spoiler poll. Umm, sorry.

    But, really, if you don’t know the story by now, you’ve got some readin’ to do. LOL.

    • This has had to be one of the most difficult decision I’ve had to make in a while. Really. I took me about 5 minutes just to decide! Great poll though Mish!

  2. I’m surprised “Draco refuses to identify the trio in the Malfoy Mansion” is in second place so far. Is that because it is Draco’s big “hero” moment or something?

  3. I wish I could vote “All scenes involving Draco”, but unfortunately that is not an option. 😛

    The only thing is that, according to people who have seen a screening for HBP, they did not mention any scenes involving Draco & Narcissa confronting the trio in Madam Malkins or Draco’s threatening of Borgin. I don’t think those scenes are in the movie. Great poll, nevertheless. 😀

    • That’s true, however, I swear there was a set report where a guy said he heard that scene being made. Can anyone confirm this?

      Perhaps it has been cut in the final version, but I think it was filmed.

  4. my 3 choices, you ask?

    sectumsempra. who ISNT excited for that?

    & i think the snape ear party thing is cute. idk it just is. itll be funny, to me:D

    & the dumbledore confrontation..


    <3 sammi

  5. Hard but absolutely Sectumsempra. The Astronomy Tower because it’s so anti-climatic and Hogwarts Express just because I want to see some real bad boy action 🙂 Wow, I just read that back and it didn’t sound right. Hope I don’t sound too stalkerish.

  6. Oh, my, it was hard to chose between the Malfoy Manor and the fiendfyre ones. But picked the fiendfyre, the Astronomy Tower and the Sectumsempra.

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