“Hot” photo finally available

Many of you remember the “Hot or Not” photo used as a promo item for the Heat Radio on-air interview. For many Tom fans, it became known as the “Hot” photo, possibly due to the high quality of the photograph itself, or some other reason. One can only guess.

The photo is from a professional photoshoot Tom had a few months ago, so we may see more in the future.

21 thoughts on ““Hot” photo finally available

  1. I don’t know how to say this, but when I’m looking at this photoshoot, darn! He’s kind of reminding the character’s inspired to me, Anthony, the Child Of Dragons. For that’s exactly the pose Anthony would be taking, when confronted to the ups and downs of his true nature (for he has fire for blood running into his veins).

    With Love,


  2. lol, you can tell he took the picture himself!
    Ah, he’s just so bloody gorgeous isn’t he?? 😀 lol

  3. Да,ничего он так здесь получился. Но,Том,почему ты такой худой?Тебя плохо кормят? Тебе не помешало бы заняться своим телом и покачать железо.

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