New picture from Tom’s Twitter

Tom recently updated his new Twitter account with a new picture from his last day of filming his up-coming movie ’13 Hours’.

Here’s the picture and the link to the update.


All credit to Tom

37 thoughts on “New picture from Tom’s Twitter

  1. this was literally my reaction when i saw that 😯 😯 😯 , then 🙂 🙂 🙂 , then finally 😀 😀 😳 then , “OHMYGOSHHJYITJBNHJGJGHLHBL'”

  2. i want to do naughty things to him right now 😯

    well no, hehe, but damn never in a million years could blood be so damn sexy.

  3. 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

    GOD has come to earth. his name is Tom Felton.
    Good Lord, how.. when.. ohmy.
    call me, Tom.

  4. 😯 I sort of screamed when I saw this…Tom all bloody and everything…XD.
    But at least it’s for a movie. Very interesting picture of him, I must say. :3

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first it scared me SO bad then i kinda sorda got over it, now i can look at it with out screaming” OH MY GOSH!!!!”

    • Omg I so agree with you Tyriane! That blood is freaking creepy ): But Tom is naturally so cute and his muscles are gorgeous. ;D <3

  6. I’m guessing that his character doesn’t fare very well in this movie, but it’s just a guess. But we’ll have to see!

    Good to know that Tom’s in more movies and it’s a rather funny picture, as he’s got a mischievous hint of humour in his eyes, while standing covered in fake blood.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Tom!

  7. ok why is he covered in blood,i mean i know its fake but why is he like that , i havent heard of the enw film hes doing so i had no idea, this is kinda gross but interesting 😕

    • It’s a Slasher Horror Film… so either someone is going to get maimed, brutally killed, wounded somehow, or covered with the blood of one of their friends that gets maimed, wounded or brutally killed… ergo the blood.

  8. 😯 Wow. ima send it to my friends now haha. ooh yea ill go with everyone else and put it as my wallpaper too! 🙂

    • Er… well I was talking about the actual wallpaper behind Tom, not the one that’s on your computer screen. But whatever floats your boat. 😛

  9. he is truly a sex god if i wasn’t in love with and didn’t Taylor Lautner then I would be all over him. Oh and I LOVE The Harry Potter series Tom Felton was so cute now…he’s so hot……melting into space. La da di da da dum da da dum umm…


  10. just reading the comments made me laugh so hard!

    all i read was..

    and a whole bunch of 🙂

    aha(; i thought it was actually creepy…
    it gave me the shivers. LOL!

    but yeah ill make me wonder why he was all covered in blood.
    now i have to see the movie.

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