Tom is on Twitter!

Tom Felton let us know today that he has set up a Twitter account and is actually posting tweets about his life! He just started today, so everyone should go follow his account and say, “Hello!”

This will be a dream come true for those of you who have always wanted to know what he wears when he writes his songs (today it is pajamas!) or what he eats (pancakes!)

So head over to!

Also, remember that has a twitter account that publishes our site updates, so feel free to add us while you’re at it!

20 thoughts on “Tom is on Twitter!

  1. Haha, I’d say “hello” except my Twitter is locked, so Tom wouldn’t be able to see my @replies anyway. :/ He now has more “followings” than “followers”, that’s going to change very soon now that his Twitter URL is on here! 😀

  2. I will totally set up a Twitter just for updates.

    He’s trying to choose between the Notebook and Legends of the Fall. Go with Brad! It’s a classic for him and the soundtrack is way better 😉

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