New Half-Blood Prince Trailer

There’s a new Half-Blood Prince trailer. Although it lingers on some of the scenes of Draco that we’ve seen before, there aren’t really any new scenes except the scene when Draco is cursing Harry on the train, which we haven’t really seen in a Trailer before.It also features more of Voldemort and there is a glimpse of Draco’s mother Narcissa Malfoy as well.

You can view the trailer here.

9 thoughts on “New Half-Blood Prince Trailer

  1. 😀 hi xD aaaammm what can i say u r gorgeous! i saw all the harry movies (only to see ya xD haha) well i must confess i like this kind of things “misterious” so ive read te books too xD.

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    sorry 4 my english 😕


  2. Sounds interesting, for the cursing anecdote isn’t without reminding me than at the Medieval Times, the Dragon was assumed to be blasphemeous. But when one gets to think twice, there are some people who are ten times blasphemeous, either into their actions or their words, even into both. It takes time to look closely to realize it. I call it The Veil Of Deception, it’s the seal of the Dark Side’s presence.

    With Love,


    P.S: Yeah, you’re not the only one in pijamas in front of your PC, Tom 😆 !

  3. y’all know everything in that trailer made me so excited…. except for the “july” part at the end. -_-‘ I MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!! ><

  4. I wish they would just release it, too, but still, a trailer is better than nothing. OMG, I cannot wait for July!

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