“The Disappeared” to screen at French horror film festival

On April 11, 2009, “The Disappeared,” a horror film directed by Johnny Kevorkian and starring Tom Felton, will be screen at the Mauvis Genre horror festival in Tours, France.

French FeltFans should definitely check it out!

10 thoughts on ““The Disappeared” to screen at French horror film festival

  1. awwwww mann will this ever come to australia?? i’m absolutely dying to see this. i’ll even fly from melbourne to sydney if i have to.

  2. I’m not from Tours either, but French nevertheless 😆 !

    The U.S has it all, N.Y,L.A,Vegas and ofcourse Hawaii,best holiday of my life!where else in the U.S is worth checking out?

    Well, I’ve been travelling in Arizona and New Mexico,in Washintgton BC ,Washington (Seattle, where I’ve studied for five years in my twenties), San Diego, San Francisco, N.Y too, and Florida as well (twice). Vancouver, in Canada, is worth having a look, too!

    With Love,


  3. Hello somebody 🙂
    I’im french.
    i must see it because it’s a very good movie congratulation Tom <3
    I’m very fan of you
    You are all my life lol
    I Kiss you !

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