Tom Felton announces new song on Twitter

Earlier today, Tom posted the following on his Twitter account:

Just finished recording a new song, called, “If you could be anywhere.” Love my guitar! Running a bath now : )

Since this post, has received numerous e-mails asking how to to get the song. We’d like to let you all know that the song is not yet publicly available, but will be part of Tom’s upcoming new album, which will be available in a few months! “If you could be anywhere” is one of a handful of songs already completed and ready for the new album. We can’t wait to hear it!

7 thoughts on “Tom Felton announces new song on Twitter

  1. omg! i just can’t wait now im waiting for two albums to come out eminems and now TOM’s aswell WOO they surely should be great esp. if he writes he’s songs in he’s PJ’s!!

  2. Now, that’s funny, for a few weeks ago, I’ve been sweeping cleaning of the music ans songs I didn’t want anymore of my nano-chromatic playlist (excepted Tom’s previous ones, of course!). It’ll be very, very nice adding this new album of his into the upcoming months.

    And if Jade’s been inspirational in some way for him to get these songs out from his chest, may she be blessed for it.

    I love dogs,n e of u’s got a dog?what kind?

    I used to have one, actually. It passed away back in early 2005. It was a Pyrenean Shepherd.

    With Love,


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