Tom announces new album, “In good hands,” to be released next month

Today Tom announced on Twitter that his new album will be called “In Good Hands” and should be released in four weeks. It will contain 5 or 6 new songs and may include a new video as well!

just uploading new EP onto iTunes. Will be available in the next 4 weeks called Tom Felton-In good hands, Look out for a new YouTube video, too.

6 thoughts on “Tom announces new album, “In good hands,” to be released next month

  1. In four weeks?! Already?! 😆
    Geez, that’s sure is fast 😉 !
    It was time indeed to be ridden of the old songs I didn’t want anymore. I guess than my intuition that he would do it again has proven to be right,in the end.

    And I’ve also noticed something rather very interesting, concerning his albums’ covers: they’re all sunsets, taken seemly at various times. He surely must love them very much. Although there’s a kind of sunset he must be looking forward featuring some day. It’s when the sun’s piercing the clouds at various spots as it is dawning. I’m calling those ‘Lights Of God”, and to actually see them is a good omen. At least for me…

    Why do people laugh when getting tickled!I swear it hurts and yet I find it hillarious!

    Tom, I used to be terribly ticklish at your age, and I swear, I couldn’t either help to laugh out of control! But I bet that even today, it’d would end up with the same result!

    With Love,


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